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Bright Cedar Deck Stain

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Transparent Deck Stain

     Bright Cedar deck stain has a general life span of 2 to 3 years when applied properly. Bright Cedar is a transparent deck stain that is formulated for ease of application and re-coats while offering extended protection for decks. The Bright Cedar deck stain is a deep penetrating oil formula that utilizes a unique blend of oils, resins, bio protection and finely ground trans-oxide pigmentation. The combinations of deck staining ingredients are carefully applied at around 100 square foot per gallon to saturate and penetrate into the wood for maximum protection sealing it from the inside out, unlike competitive products that lay on the surface of the wood flaking and pealing over time. This deep penetrating principle allows for lasting protection and easy re-coats. When the surface is completely saturated, the Wood Defender® Bright Cedar deck stain will soak into an even appearance. Some back brushing or rolling may be necessary on horizontal surfaces where boards are severely cupped to assist in spreading the product out. When applied at the recommended rate, lap marks and runs are not visible. Wood Defender® Bright Cedar deck stain is easily cleaned up within the first few hours of application. Due to the penetrating nature of the product, there will be an absence of a "film" formed across the surface of the wood. This characteristic eliminates the need for caustic strippers or high pressure power washing before a re-coat.

Central Oklahoma Fence Staining offers a "Deck Maintenance Program" with our customers, returning every two to three years from each application date. Prep work is very minimal, possibly consisting of a quick washing to remove dirt and other contaminants.

Every job brings different challenges, but our primary goals are always the same, highest quality of work and best customer satisfaction.

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